Ryan Kwanten Will Be Showing His Nasty Side In New Amazon Show ‘Edge’ | TV News



When speaking to Digital Spy, True Blood star Ryan Kwanten teased that his character in Amazon’s new show ‘Edge’ would be his first venture into the world of evil. Also starring in the show will be Max Martini (Saving Private Ryan, Pacific Rim) and Yvonne Strahovski (24: Live another Day). The upcoming show will be a spaghetti western focused on Max Martini’s character, Josiah Hedges, or Edge, who decides to take revenge on a group of his former army comrades, who just so happened to kill his younger brother.


Ryan Kwanten will be leading this group, and he is described as a ‘sadist who takes pleasure from causing pain to others’ – a clear diversion from the lovable puppy dog that was Sookie Stackhouse’s brother in True Blood all those years ago. Whilst only the pilot has been shot, it seems that the show has very much promise, what with a reasonable revenge plot and most importantly, Ryan Kwanten as the villain. I don’t know about you but that’s a recipe for greatness in my books.



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