Ryan Murphy Reveals Title Sequence For ‘American Horror Story: Hotel’ | TV Trailer



Some people can’t wait for their birthdays, others get giddy over Halloween, and whilst those are two very important events, they just can’t outshine the day we receive a preview of the American Horror Story: Hotel credits, which just happens to be today.


With Jessica Lange’s recent departure, it seemed as if the FX series would struggle to atone for her absence, however, these credits definitely allude to the show’s capability of doing more than just that. Prepare to witness everything you’ve ever feared about hotels with an additional set of things you hadn’t worried over before, but probably will now.


Lady Gaga will star in this season of American Horror Story as ‘The Countess’, the fashionable head of the Hotel Cortez’s halls, who just happens to be constantly surrounded by a flock of strange children called the ‘Towheads’. Also featuring in the show this season will be Wes Bentley and Matt Bomer, one of who will be having up, close and personal encounters with her in the show. Take a stroll through the halls of Hotel Cortez in this preview, as we prepare ourselves for an abundance of blood, guts and Gaga.




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