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Ryan Reynolds and Shawn Levy‘s comedy Free Guy was supposed to arrive soon, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, plans changed. However, the duo clearly enjoyed working together enough to set up another collaboration. They’re set to re-team for an untitled time travel adventure movie at Skydance.


Reynolds will star and Levy will direct, with Reynolds playing a man who travels back in time to get help from his 13-year old self, and together they encounter their late father, now Reynolds’ age.


Jonathan Tropper, who previously worked with Levy on the 2014 dramedy This Is Where I Leave You, will write the script which is reportedly being reconfigured from a previous version of a project known as Our Name Is Adam. T.S. Nowlin wrote that script on spec, which once had Tom Cruise attached to star.


According to reports, Cruise always liked the idea behind Our Name Is Adam, but never found the script up to scratch. The studio recruited Tropper to re-jig the script in the hope that Cruise would sign on for the film with a superior screenplay, but the current pandemic has wrecked Cruise’s already busy schedule, so Levy recruited Reynolds to star instead.


Free Guy – a comedy where Reynolds discovers he’s living as a non-playable character in a Grand Theft Auto-esque video game – was supposed to hit cinemas in July, but has now been delayed until December. Production on this time travel project is expected to start in the late autumn, which is right around when Reynolds and co. will begin promoting Free Guy (fingers crossed).


Reynolds and Levy are also separately developing Netflix projects. Reynolds will produce and star in an adaptation of video game Dragon’s Lair, while Levy is producing the fourth season of Stranger Things.



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