Ryan Reynolds & Shawn Levy’s ‘Free Guy’ Follow Up Coming To Netflix Early Next Year

Ryan Reynolds and director Shawn Levy are currently riding the wave of positive Free Guy reviews, which have dubbed the movie arguably the surprise hit of the year. The film is currently performing well in cinemas for 20th Century Studios, and while Disney may already be asking for a sequel, Reynolds and Levy already have a new project arriving very soon.

Right after finishing production on Free Guy, Reynolds and Levy re-teamed for The Adam Project, an original time travel adventure story about a man who travels back in time to get help from his younger self to confront their late father.

Reynolds stars alongside Mark Ruffalo and Jennifer Garner. Great news for Free Guy fans – The Adam Project will hit Netflix in early 2022.

Levy told Collider that the movie will premiere on Netflix sometime in the first quarter of next year:

“You’re going to see a trailer this year, without question, you’re going to see the movie on Netflix in the first quarter of next year. [Ryan and I] are really excited about this one. It is basically what if you could go back in time and befriend your 12-year-old self and your parents whose age you currently are.”

Levy went on to add that the film is similar to other father-son stories such as Field Of Dreams and (the underseen and underrated) Frequency:

“Obviously there’s a load of action and really all the things we want from a time travel adventure movie, but it’s ultimately very much a descendant of Frequency and Field Of Dreams […] Because imagine if you could go and have empathy for your parents now that you know what you know as an adult.

Imagine being able to tell your kid self, ‘Yo buddy, you’re going to be okay. You’re going to be okay.’ It literally gives me goosebumps because this is a fundamental human journey. And this Jonathan Tropper screenplay taps into that yearning, but in the vessel of just rad big budget action adventure.”

Levy is no stranger to emotional films, having previously directed familial drama This Is Where I Leave You, and he’s adept at handling stories from a kid’s perspective, having produced and directed Stranger Things. Plus, Free Guy has been praised not only for its originality, but its emotional core as well.

So Reynolds and Levy’s great run looks like it has a major chance to continue with The Adam Project. Netflix will surely be thrilled that Free Guy is doing so well and that they already have the next Reynolds/Levy project in their grasp and (almost) ready to go.


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