SABINA Embraces Inner Strength On New Single ‘Somebody Else’

In a powerful expression of self-love, SABINA has released her latest single, “Somebody Else“. Known for her evocative pop ballads, SABINA’s new track is an anthem for those seeking to find validation within themselves rather than from external sources. With over four million streams on Spotify, SABINA has been a significant figure in the pop-ballad genre since her debut single ‘Dagestan’ in 2009.

“Somebody Else” marks a new chapter in SABINA’s artistic evolution. The track starts with a delicate piano introduction, soon complemented by SABINA’s tender vocals. It then transitions into a vibrant blend of pop and R&B, with punchy drum lines and a resonant bass melody. The song showcases SABINA’s powerful vocal performance, highlighted by striking harmonies and ad-libs.

This single represents SABINA’s first collaboration with producer Timur Magomedov, the founder of Caspian Records. Reflecting on the song’s creation, SABINA explains, “I started writing ‘Somebody Else’ a few years ago. It reflects a moment in my life when I realized that what I had been doing was driven by fear, not love. This realization forced me to change and find strength within myself.”

Based in New York City, SABINA has been releasing soul-infused pop singles since 2009. She initially gained fame in Russia with ‘Dagestan’, which became a national anthem and was used as the walkout song for UFC fighter Khabib Nurmagomedov. This success propelled SABINA into the spotlight, leading to her relocation to New York and continued musical growth.

SABINA’s music is known for its blend of power and intimacy, exploring themes of vulnerability, inner strength, and self-discovery. Influenced by artists like Elton John, Adele, and Sting, her storytelling through melody and honest lyricism resonates deeply with listeners. SABINA describes her creative process as deeply introspective, resulting in music that captures the depths of her soul.

Listen to “Somebody Else” below!


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