Sabrina Carpenter + Jonas Blue – Alien | New Music


Sabrina Carpenter started as a Disney star. She is probably best known for her role as Maya in Girl Meets World. But acting isn’t the only thing she can do. Last year, she released her second album EVOLution and now she dropped a new single called “Alien“. She worked with DJ and producer Jonas Blue on this one.


It clearly falls in line with her more mature sound. While her debut album was pretty girly and more Disney, she has developed a lot in her music since. The lyrics are deeper and more personal, same goes with the sound but it’s still pretty catchy pop music.


Sabrina posted before the release, “This is just the first of all the music I plan to give you in 2018. I wrote this song with Jonas and we’re so excited that it’s finally coming out. It captures what it means to be lost in your own feelings and just how alienating that can be. It’s also a banger; so, listen w loud speakers, plz!!!!” Listen to the song down below!




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