Sacha Baron Cohen Has Reportedly Already Shot & Screened ‘Borat 2’ | Film News


It seems like we may be getting a surprising sequel to one of the hit comedies of the 2000s. Per Collider, Sacha Baron Cohen has reportedly secretly shot a Borat sequel. The actor was seen last month shooting something as his famous character from Kazakstan, but it was unclear what.


Now it’s coming to light that not only has the movie been completed, but Cohen has actually screened it for some in the industry. There’s no word on what story the film follows, although we do know that Borat is no longer the little-known TV personality from the first movie. He’s somewhat famous now, so he’s forced to go undercover to interview people.


It’s also unclear who is financing the film. 20th Century Fox released the original movie, but the studio was purchased by Disney, and Disneyland would have to relocate in Hell before they greenlight a Borat sequel. So it’s possible a streaming platform is financing the movie. Perhaps they were planning for a Cloverfield Paradox-esque surprise release, which may explain why the film was seemingly shooting in secret.


The original Borat grossed $262 million worldwide and was a huge hit. However, that movie is very mid-2000s, and it will be interesting to see how the sequel exists in a very different world just 14 years later.


Cohen has since become politically outspoken, being awarded the International Leadership Award by the Anti-Defamation League for leadership in fighting bigotry and prejudice, where in his speech he criticised internet companies such as Facebook and YouTube for their poor responses to fake news and propaganda. Some believe that the Borat sequel will be released prior to the election to encourage younger people to vote.


That would certainly be a way for Borat to feel much more at home in 2020, rather than a relic of a very different era of mainstream comedy. We’ll now wait for more news regarding the sequel and what streamer has (likely) funded the movie. It sounds like there’s every chance the film could be released before the year is out.



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