Sacha Baron Cohen: ‘I don’t think the Oscars are racist’ | Film News

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Sacha Baron Cohen: ‘I don’t think the Oscars are racist’ | Film News



The man behind comedic characters like Ali G, Borat, Bruno and General Aladeen has recently shared his thoughts regarding the race issues within the Academy Awards. While speaking with reporters at the 69th Bafta awards (via The Guardian), Sacha Baron Cohen reportedly made satirized comments suggesting “I hear many Caucasians were nominated” and that he was “there to give the award for the best white actress”.


“I think there is an inherent prejudice in the film industry” he continued while addressing the issue directly, making his opinion clearer “The actual makeup of the films, the production staff, the directors, and the actors are generally white and there needs to be greater diversity here in America. I don’t think it’s that the members of the Academy are actually racist, I just don’t think they are presented with enough films that are diverse”.


He further made jokes by pre-emptively criticising about his new film Grimsby, noting the predominantly white cast; he stated “I have no desire to win any awards with Grimsby, which was why we cast two African-Americans”. Cohen is certainly not new to controversy, as many of the characters he has played over the years satirize some of the key issues present within modern society. Though some may take his actions in bad taste, he never really fails to get his message across.



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