B. Smyth – Love Killa | Music Video

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B. Smyth – Love Killa | Music Video

B. Smyth 15.02.2016ANDREW


Smyth teamed up with Young Thug on last month’s “Creep”. Now follows “Love Killa” and an accompanying video. The lyrics concern the life of a heartthrob, his own life, whilst out on town in the clubs.


The music has deep bass, yet is very subdued with singsong rap delivery. The video, directed by Earl ‘Slick 23’ Barlow, has a generally dull black colour scheme with flashes of red. Black death ‘killa’, perhaps; with red signifying blood or lust. Smyth is surrounded by beautiful women, yet appears unhappy. This in turn might be conveying the soullessness of loveless mechanical sex.




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