Sacha Baron Cohen Is Back In Disguise In Two New Trailers For ‘Grimsby’ | Film Trailer



After a long bout of seemingly never ending delays, it seems that Sacha Baron Cohen‘s latest brainchild is finally going to hit our screens early next year. Both an international and domestic trailer has debuted for Grimsby, both featuring almost the exact same scenes… except completely different. Here’s the UK trailer:



It’s a bit hard to explain without watching both of the trailers, but it seems that the film’s producers are obviously worried that the identifiably lower class Britishness of the film’s characters, locations and source of humor, may not go over too well with international audiences, where the film will instead be called The Brothers Grimsby. For comparison purposes, here is the trailer for the rest of the world:



Mark Strong leads the film alongside Cohen, with Penélope Cruz, Ian McShane, Rebel Wilson, Isla Fisher, and Gabourey Sidibe supporting. Grimsby looks to be more The Dictator than Borat or Brüno, but hopefully it should deliver at least a few laughs when it arrives on screens on March 10, 2016.



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