Deerhunter’s Bradford Cox Pleads With Billy Corgan | Music News



Deerhunter frontman Bradford Cox, having retracted statements he made about Smashing Pumpkins vocalist Billy Corgan, has requested that the singer cease any legal action that was threatened following recent heated allegations.


Cox had this to say at his band’s recent Philadelphia show: “Dear Billy Corgan, I don’t even know you man, please don’t sue me. I love my dog and I don’t have that much money and I don’t think you’re the kind of person who’d starve somebody’s dog just to prove a point“.


Bradford Cox previously alleged that he was physically threatened by a member of Corgan’s management in 2007, when the two bands played a show together. Along with material from new album Fading Frontier, Deerhunter played a cover of the Pumpkins’ classic “Today” as an act of solidarity.



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