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Batman V Superman – Sad Affleck

Batman V Superman - Sad Affleck


Meet Sad Affleck – the latest Internet sensation. If you’ve been active on social media, or if you’ve just got a soft spot for Ben Affleck you will have noticed the “Sad Affleck” memes/videos that have been floating around on the world wide web.


Affleck’s somber gaze is a reaction to the mixed and harsh reviews Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice has received. Amidst all the bad reviews and sharp words the cast has been enduring a long press tour, and the arrival of these reviews has undoubtedly made the tour a bit more awkward for everyone involved.


During an interview with Yahoo Movies, Affleck and Henry Cavill came face to face with the critics, when reporter Tom Butler asked them if they had read any of the reviews – to which Cavill playfully answered “No, what did they say,” while Affleck revealed that he hadn’t read any.


While Cavill proceeded to give a lengthy and in-depth response to Butler’s question about how the bad reviews may or may not effect the film, Affleck remained quiet and unable to mask his sadness. Then again, a number of things could have been on Affleck’s mind at the time.


First off he could have been caught slightly off-guard by the question, or he could have been genuinely sad, or his thoughts could have been elsewhere, or he could have just zoomed out completely – I know I do sometimes after a long and intense day. Nevertheless, the Internet noticed that Affleck looked sad and have since then crowned Sad Affleck the meme of the moment.


Take a look at some of the creations below and be prepared for a sad/heartbreaking/funny/confusing experience.





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