Sadb0y Shares Anthem For Misfits With Debut Mixtape ‘Self-Made Heartbreak’

Emerging from the vibrant pulse of London’s eclectic music scene, the artist known as Sadb0y unveils his debut mixtape, Self-Made Heartbreak, an invitation to the misfits and the marginalized to find a voice and space in his sonic universe. Released on April 12, this collection marks a significant milestone for Sadb0y, whose early love for music and poetry has culminated in this deeply personal project.

Crafted in the modest confines of his London flat, ‘Self-Made Heartbreak is a rich tapestry of emotions woven through euphoric sounds, warm synths, and explosive drum patterns. These elements combine to create an unmistakable sound that is uniquely Sadb0y’s, offering listeners a glimpse into his artistic soul and the beginning of what promises to be a compelling musical journey.

The lead single from the mixtape, “Stay”, was released earlier on March 22, setting the stage for the full release. This track, according to Sadb0y, serves as an ode to his experiences as a gay man navigating the complexities of love and life in his twenties within the bustling backdrop of London’s nightlife. It encapsulates the essence of the mixtape—a profound exploration of identity, acceptance, and the universal quest for connection.

Self-Made Heartbreak not only showcases Sadb0y’s talent as a musician but also highlights his ability to resonate with a broader audience. Through his music, he seeks to offer a sanctuary for those who feel out of place, inviting them to embrace their individuality and thrive in a world that often seems indifferent to their struggles.

This debut is just the beginning for Sadb0y, as he continues to develop his sound and message, promising more introspective and relatable music for anyone who has ever felt like an outsider.

Listen to Self-Made Heartbreak below!


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