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So, you’re an up-and-coming filmmaking duo coming off two great films, with your latest one being critically acclaimed. What do you do next? Usually the answer wouldn’t be “remake 48 Hrs. but that’s exactly what the Safdie brothers (Good Time) are doing.


The brothers have been tapped to co-write and direct the remake of Walter Hill‘s 1982 action-comedy, which originally starred Eddie Murphy and Nick Nolte as convict and cop teaming up to hunt down some cop killers in 48 hours. Jerrod Carmichael (The Carmichael Show) will co-write the script with the brothers and their Good Time collaborator, Ronald Bronstein.


While ostensibly it seems strange that the Safdies, whose short filmmaking careers have been filled with very dark films, would want to remake an action-comedy, there’s certainly a little more to it. Hill’s original film – and all of his work – had plenty of darkness to it, and it’s probably worth betting that the brothers will attempt to subvert everything we think we know about the action-comedy.


No casting decisions have yet been made, though it’s possible Carmichael himself could step into a lead role since he has on screen experience.


While it’s easy to initially feel disappointed that another set of talented filmmakers have been swayed by the remake bug, look at how the brothers were able to expertly examine race, police and privilege in Good Time, and lick your lips at the possibilities this remake gives them to continue exploring those themes on an even bigger scale.



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