Sam Holcroft – Rising Playwright To Watch For 2015 | Arts


Sam Holcroft is from London, and holds a degree in biology from Edinburgh University. What Holcroft does as a dramatist is involve her knowledge of human science, related to our psychology, in terms of behaviour and our development of civilisation. She uses these laws and injects them heavily into the characters she writes, as a device to ultimately understand what is going on with them. The theme of her work sounds like a dramatic irony that’s only understood by those who have the edge to diagnose, her work also offers a linear quality for understanding human behaviour for its audience, all in the name of theatre. Rules For Living is Holcroft’s latest and most ambitious work yet, to be staged in the National’s new Dorfman theatre next March. It is a family drama, set at Christmas, in which relationships are dissected using the theories of cognitive behavioural therapy.



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