San Diego Duo Offdaze Drop Brand New Single ‘Still Sane’

San Diego’s captivating duo, Offdaze, unveiled their deeply poignant single, “Still Sane,” on July 15, 2023. The soulful vocals of the track resonate with a subtle charm that’s evocative of the unique style of Nora Jones.

The compelling lyrics delve into the intricate emotions of battling depression and the ironic clarity that this state of mind brings to understanding the world.

The compelling pair, consisting of Preston Dill and Andrew Krause, initially embarked on their musical journey by writing and producing songs for other artists, music publishers, and sync licensing.

However, as they honed their skills, the duo found themselves creating an extensive repertoire of their own songs with no initial intentions of releasing them. This creative exploration has led to Offdaze cultivating a broad and diverse range of styles and genres.

Honored as San Diego’s Best New Artist by the San Diego Music Awards in 2020, Preston Dill lends his expressive voice to the duo, having provided backup vocals for numerous tracks and even the national anthem during Padre games.

His partner, Andrew Krause, brings a wealth of musical experience to the table, initially as a guitarist. He also maintains a YouTube channel, ‘Music Theory Logic’, providing an insightful glimpse into the life of a working-class musician and sharing valuable music production techniques.

The pair’s approach to music is driven by the message and lyrics of each song, dictating the production style and sonic palette. Their passion for music shines through in their recordings, which might lean towards being less “polished,” but instead, offer a raw and authentic appeal that eschews current trends.

The duo believes that as artists, their unique talents and achievements often stem from their journeys to escape their own minds. Experience the moving aura of “Still Sane” by Offdaze below!


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