Sara Lance’s Resurrection From The Dead In ‘Arrow’ Explained | TV News


Fans of the now defunct NBC show Constantine take note, as your favourite demon hunting-occultist lives again (if not short lived) with an appearance on upcoming season 4 of CW’s hit series Arrow. As many DC fans will know, hero John Constatine (played by Matt Ryan in the series) and Arrow’s Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) are part of juggernaught comic book publisher DC and exist within the same graphic novel universe.


Yet on the television landscape, the two have remained apart with neither channel seeming willing to confirm nor deny a possible team up in the future. A contentious admission with fans that was rendered mute when Constantine was cancelled early in the pilot season, this year. Now however, fans dreams will come true when the rain-coat-clad-detective will swagger into Starling City in the new season of Arrow, and bring a much loved character back from the dead, Sara Lance, in the fifth episode titled ‘Haunted’.


Constantine’s appearance will answer a lingering question which began after CW debuted their hype trailer for their new DC based series Legends of Tomorrow. An excellent trailer that featured numerous heroes and villains from Arrows’ spinoff The Flash including Sara Lance’s Canary (Caity Lotz), even though she had been murdered in Arrow’s third season.


With an appearance from beloved DC villain Ra’s al Ghul (Matthew Nable) in Arrow, many assumed that the Lazarus Pit could be the likely McGuffin to bring Lance back from the dead. A suspicion that seemed to be backed by a brief shot of Canary emerging from a pool in the Legends of Tomorrow trailer. With that now seemingly unlikely, it does stand to reason that with three fan favourites on screen together at the same time, we are in for a hell (excuse the pun) of a ride when Arrow’s new season arrives in the fall.



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