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We do respect Sarah Jessica Parker‘s ever style since her fashion iconic role as Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City and we are more than happy with her creative contribution to fashion industry as a designer nowadays.


After having launched her footwear bridal line, the actress claims to feel absolutely ready after 3 years to complete the bridal looks by launching wedding gowns and bodysuits for all the different body types. Modern but always elegant and chic, all ten pieces are ready for you to wear by finding and ordering them via the online shopping website, Gilt.


The pieces are suitable for each and every occasion of the bridal process, from the wedding party to the wedding ceremony. Colours include not only the traditional white but also black, light grey as well as blue, poppy, blush and the prices range from $295 to $2,395.


“The team there is brilliant and allowed me to be imaginative and take risks as I was designing for the non-traditional bride. It has been quite fun to play around with colors, fabrics and details to create unique pieces for all kinds of brides.” The actress stated upon this new step in her fashion designing career and below we give you a taste of the brilliant result.









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