‘Scandal’ Storyline To Become More Sinister & Dramatic | TV News

Tony Goldwyn tells viewers what to expect from upcoming ‘Scandal’ episodes


Tony Goldwyn, who plays leading character President Fitzgerald Grant III in the hit TV show Scandal, has revealed that upcoming episodes of the new series will get darker. Goldwyn also praised show creator Shonda Rhimes for continuing to make every episode interesting. When talking about what to expect for upcoming episodes, he said, “It just gets crazier and darker and more outrageous“.


On the show currently, President Fitzgerald has been having an affair on and off with the show’s main protagonist Olivia Pope, while his wife Mellie Grant (Bellamy Young) loves him yet has resentment towards him due to his affair. Previous storylines on the show have ranged from assassination attempts and government conspiracies to plot twists involving Olivia Pope’s mother. The next episode We Do Not Touch the First Ladies will be broadcast on ABC tonight (March 6) at 10pm EST.



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