Scarlet Rose Releases Hip-Hop Leaning Debut Single ‘Fall Back’ | Music News


American R&B and hip-hop singer Scarlet Rose has just dropped her first-ever single, “Fall Back“. The piece, produced by Internal Quest, delivers a groovy production with uplifting instrumentation and atmospheric vocals. It showcases Scarlet’s emotion-drenched vocals, that highlight the hard-hitting bass-line and infectious piano melody that compose the track.


The song explores the role of social media in one’s dating life, and its dangers. Though the chorus is a bit repetitive, the message-heavy lyricism and wordplay of “Fall Back” are surely making the record a promising debut for the American songwriter.


Scarlet Rose was originally a doctor, whose passion was music. She graduated from engineering school and then medical school. The arts were a hobby, that turned into something more serious when she started to perform at open mics in New York.


Now she is ready to make that passion public, with the forthcoming release of her debut EP Rose Tasting, a six-track piece that “Fall Back” is part of. Inspiration for this EP comes from time spent living in England and Ecuador, along with the cultural diversity found in med school.


Scarlet Rose is set to release more music by the end of the year, so stay tuned if you enjoy her first single.


You can listen to the song here:




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