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It’s pretty incredible how forgettable 2015’s Terminator: Genisys was, though apparently Paramount certainly remembered it for the failure it was. Despite earning the second highest box office return in the franchises history, the film had at best a lukewarm reception, and it looks set to be the final entry in the series (for the foreseeable future, bet on a reboot in less than a decade).


Paramount have declined the option to make more films in the series, while Arnold Schwarzenegger is reportedly set on hanging up the role now that he’s a little long in the tooth to be starring in action franchises. Another sequel was originally slated for this year, but it seems Paramount, much like audiences, have grown tired of the franchise.


Declining the option to renew ownership of the rights does give another studio the chance to pick them up, though without Arnie on board that would be increasingly unlikely.


If the series hadn’t been constantly mined for profit following James Cameron‘s first two films, and perhaps if the latest entry hadn’t had the worst title ever, the audience appetite for the franchise wouldn’t be so low. As it stands, the absurdly titled Genisys stands to be the T-800’s final stand.



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