Scottish Musician Constant Follower Shares New Single ‘Turn Around For Me’

Constant Follower, the talented Scottish songwriter, unveils his latest single, “Turn Around For Me,” a captivating track filled with depth and melody. Produced in Austin, Texas by Dan Duszynski, known for his work with Loma/SubPop and Brian Eno, the song promises to resonate with listeners worldwide.

Clocking in at just 2.30 minutes, “Turn Around For Me” packs a punch with its compelling hooks and gentle rhythmic pulse, ensuring it stays on repeat. Drawing inspiration from icons like The Go-Betweens and The National, Constant Follower crafts a sound that’s both familiar and fresh.

In a recent statement, Stephen McAll shared his experience of working with Duszynski, stating, “It was an honor to work with Dan at his ranch studio in Texas. We spent long days in the studio mixing what I’d recorded in Stirling, adding magical touches.”

The song, accompanied by an exclusive 7” vinyl version featuring the AA-side “See You Soon,” is available for pre-order on Bandcamp, offering fans a chance to own a piece of Constant Follower’s musical journey.

Regarding the music video for “Turn Around For Me,” director Tsumugi Yagi explains, “The video captivates from the start, harmonizing with Constant Follower’s evocative music. The imagery complements the serene melodies, capturing the protagonist’s nuanced emotions.”

Constant Follower’s debut album, Neither Is Nor Ever Was, received critical acclaim and was shortlisted for the Scottish Album of the Year Award. The upcoming second album, slated for mid-2024 release, promises to build upon this success.

Stephen McAll’s solo performances as Constant Follower are celebrated for their captivating intimacy and emotive depth, solidifying his reputation in the Folk scene. Described as “instantly compelling, memorable and moving,” McAll’s solo shows enchant audiences with authenticity and heartfelt expression.

“Turn Around For Me” marks another milestone in Constant Follower’s musical journey, showcasing McAll’s talent and the evolution of his sound. With its irresistible charm and introspective lyrics, the song invites listeners to embark on a heartfelt musical voyage.

Listen to “Turn Around For Me” below!


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