Steve Baskin Shares New Single ‘I Believe In You’

Steve Baskin‘s latest track, “I Believe in You,” offers a soulful journey through love’s complexities. With a blend of Americana and soul, it captures the essence of enduring relationships.

The song, part of Baskin’s album Love Is Hard, delves into the challenges of commitment. Baskin reflects, “It’s a lot easier to walk away from a relationship than to actually stay and make it work long-term.”

Through poignant lyrics and emotive melodies, “I Believe in You” bridges Northern and Southern soul influences. Baskin remarks, “The falling in love part happens fast, but it’s the hard part over the next 20 or 30 years that is the most satisfying and worthwhile.”

Drawing from personal experiences and musical influences, the track resonates with authenticity. Baskin’s background supporting soul legends like Sam Moore lends depth to his storytelling.

“I Believe in You” is not just a song; it’s a testament to Baskin’s musical journey. Collaborating with Atlanta’s FunkCake Horns, he infuses the track with a soulful energy reminiscent of classic Memphis and Philly soul.

The song’s message of dedication and resilience strikes a chord with listeners. As Baskin puts it, “Having been around the block a few times, ‘Love Is Hard’ brings a grownup perspective on love and relationships.”

With its soulful melodies and heartfelt lyrics, “I Believe in You” is a standout track on Baskin’s album. It’s a reminder that amidst life’s challenges, love endures. As Baskin aptly concludes, “It’s the hard part that happens over the next 20 or 30 years that is the most satisfying and worthwhile.”

In essence, “I Believe in You” encapsulates the enduring spirit of love, making it a must-listen for fans of soulful Americana music.

Listen to “I Believe in You” below!


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