Scottish Musician Jennifer Masala Reveals First Solo Single ‘Hold On’

Gifted Scottish musician and songwriter, Jennifer Masala, has unveiled her first solo single, “Hold On“.

Crafted during a time of personal fear and anxiety, this poignant song channels the strength she found in her faith. Her hope is that “Hold On” will resonate with listeners, offering them a moment of respite and a reminder of the ever-present possibility of hope.

Passionate about connecting with others through her music, Masala writes on diverse topics spanning faith, family, motherhood, marriage, self-identity, and the highs and lows life invariably brings. Born and bred in Northeast Scotland, Jennifer now resides in Northern Germany with her husband and their three children.

Her debut single, “Hold On”, has already begun to make its mark on the international stage. It was a semi-finalist in the 2022 International Songwriting Competition and won recognition at the CREATE! festival in February 2023.

Additionally, her song “Send mich aus,” released in collaboration with the KI Worship Collective, secured her a victory at the Christian Songwriter Festival in Germany. Further insights into her life and music can be found on her website here.

Out on May 26, “Hold On” holds a message of resilience and hope that Jennifer wishes to share far and wide. She expressed, “I would be most grateful if you would consider the song and help it reach people who it might encourage. Thank you!

Give “Hold On” a listen below!


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