Seattle Artist Shug Hzy Returns With New Single ‘More Than Plain’

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Emerging from Seattle, WA, Shug Hzy brings forth an exquisite blend of R&B and rap in his newest release, “More Than Plain,” striving to reignite the timeless aura of classic love songs.

Inspired significantly by iconic artist Miguel, Shug ventures through the euphoric early stages of romance, commonly referred to as the ‘honeymoon’ phase, with a songwriting style that narrates a personal conversational encounter.

What originated from a casual dialogue about vacation wishes with a girl he was seeing transformed into a soulful melody, where his effortlessly smooth vocals serenely float over minimalistic piano arrangements.

Shug’s affection for the intricacies of love and relationships becomes evidently palpable through his music. Not merely focusing on the emotional aspect, Shug has an acute appreciation for the musicality of his work, often embracing a vocal-centric approach.

“More Than Plain” was cultivated in Shug’s home studio, where he not only penned down the emotions but also produced the track, ensuring the melody and vocals were the star of the piece without being overshadowed by a dominant beat.

Shug’s transition from a rapper to an artist who confidently flaunts his singing capabilities signals his evolution in the music scene, gradually unraveling more dimensions of his artistry.

After the notable success of his summer album, I Don’t Need You, which garnered close to a million streams and secured spots on editorial playlists, Shug is not slowing down.

His upcoming projects and potential touring plans in 2024 indicate that Shug is solidifying his position in the R&B domain, providing listeners with a comforting space where emotions, experiences, and rhythmic melodies intertwine.

Residing currently in West Seattle, Shug Hzy remains an independent artist who emphasizes connection, not just through music but through shared experiences and emotions. His grounded approach, viewing himself as “just a normal guy” with typical problems and a conventional life, reinforces the authenticity in his music.

For him, music serves as a haven to lay down his emotions and, in turn, he offers a similar sanctuary for his listeners, wherein they can find solace and companionship through shared emotional journeys.

With his continual ascent and future projects, the harmonious blend of Shug’s empathetic narrative and captivating R&B melodies will undoubtedly continue to resound within and beyond his growing audience.

Listen to “More Than Plain” below!


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