Seattle Based Artist Audri Lets Go With New Single ‘Euphoria’

Seattle based newcomer artist Audri has unveiled her new single titled “Euphoria”.

Launching her own label Lone Stranger Records LLC in 2019, Audri only debuted the next year with AUD EP, rapidly followed by three other EPs entirely written and produced by the artist.

The singer’s songs have reached a large audience across the globe and gathered more than a million stream on Spotify.

While producing and writing, Audri put consistently the story first and doesn’t focus on the genre or the sounds.

This kind of approach has led the singer to have a large range of different pieces of music, none look like another one.

Each single put under spotlights new protagonists living their own life and the audience is welcomed to discover their journey through feelings, behaviours, or human states.

The freshly uncovered song “Euphoria” is about spending days in an amusement park to have fun and released emotions to figure out the sense of living.

Speaking about the new track, the artist states, “‘Euphoria’ is simply about going to an amusement park and having a blast. Simple outings and day trips that are focused on just letting go and having fun can really change a person’s perspective on what living is”.

Listen to “Euphoria” here:


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