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Secondary ticketing is a plague in the music industry. Every year, tons of fans are obliged to buy tickets for their favourite artist’s show while dealing with the inflation of the ticket price. This notion has been a hindrance for fans of the most successful singers and bands at the moment, such as Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift, Iron Maiden and Arctic Monkeys.


The British government have recently attempted to tackle the problem. In fact, they’ve put their trust in one of the most famous expert in ticketing security Reg Walker: “Bots are just one tool in the touts’ box,” he said. “There are changes in technology that mean there may be loopholes in the legislation that they can exploit.”


It is obvious that there is a link between online seller and touts, so the government must work in limiting this connection between the two and that is what the government is working on, reducing the use of bots. Annabella Coldrick, chief executive of the Music Managers’ Forum, said the change would “help increase the chances of tickets getting into the hands of fans”.


This is an issue that plagued fans all around the world. Last year, there was a big scandal in Italy because a famous Italian program found out a link between Ticketone (the most famous website that sells tour tickets) and Viagogo (a well-known secondary ticketing platform).



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