See What A Modern Trailer For ‘Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back’ Would Look Like | Film Trailer

Empire Strikes Back


Remaking old movie trailers is becoming a common avocation in the filming world lately, and iconic space saga Star Wars certainly hasn’t been left out of the mix, for the original 1979 trailer for Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back has been recreated to portray a modern twist to the 1980’s original trilogy classic. Youtube user Tom F has cleverly added dramatic cuts and added the popular music used in the trailers for Episode VII – The Force Awakens to recreate the trailer in style. With the original lacking an interesting voice over; which involves a man droning painfully over randomly selected shots that portray little knowledge to character development or the storyline, Tom F has certainly added a higher sense of mystery to the beloved galaxy in a Hollywood style format. Watch the modern trailer and the original trailer below to compare:





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