‘Sense8’ Season 1, Episode 10 – What Is Human? | TV Review


A species is a group of organisms that can interbreed and produce fertile offspring. I bring that definition to your attention because of something that Jonas (Naveen Andrews) said. He says to Will (Brian J. Smith) that his kind are a kind of new species of human, ones that the “normal” people (the ones with power that is) will do their utmost to suppress knowledge of and eliminate them.


From what I know of biology, a group of individuals with a shared trait would be described as having the same phenotype. A group of tall people are still a group of people are they not? In real life Evolution does not work that fast: an Australopithecus wouldn’t just give birth to a Homo habilis baby. It is more like a flipbook: you only notice change if you flick through it fast enough.


That aside, and I am nit-picking, I enjoyed this episode immensely. There is a scene at the end that managed to move my granite heart, leaden though it was. The birth of a child is emotional for many to see; multiply that by 8 and you can see what I mean. It’s interesting to see how the circumstances of their birth reflect what the characters are like in the present. For example, Nomi (Jamie Clayton) was the only one born by caesarean section, perhaps to represent how she doesn’t really see her as her mother. It wasn’t a happy memory for her, that’s for sure.


As it stands so far this episode will be remembered as one of best if not the best episodes of the season. How could you go wrong with 8 consecutive births and a man getting blown up with a rocket propelled grenade? Sense8 is now available on Netflix.



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