‘Sense8’ Season 1, Episode 5 – Art Is Like Religion | TV Review


‘Art Is Like Religion’ is an interesting title for an episode isn’t it? Both are based on emotion, one more so than the other, and both are seen as the antithesis to reason and logic. It is said that religion inspires art but I find that analogy to be a tad crude. It is awe, the contemplation of the infinite, which inspires us to create. But why do we create? Everyone’s reason is different, but they all derive from our desire for immortality. We need to make a ripple that reaches beyond our finite grasp.


But why this title for this episode? What is more religious than a wedding? Kala (Tina Desai) is a devout Hindu and is betrothed to a man she does not love. It is not an arranged marriage as one might assume but the trappings of culture, of not wanting to hurt her parent’s feelings, bind her all the same. She sees visions of Wolfgang (Max Riemelt), in ways that are opposite of her to-be husband. It is interesting to note that they often “meet” each other in compromising, often intimate situations. He appears naked, really naked, at her wedding. If that’s not supposed to symbolize something about eroticism then you can me Jackie Collins.


It’s another solid episode in a solid series. Though you might want to scrub your eyes after you see that birthday card. You’ll know it when you see it. Sense8 is now available on Netflix.



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