‘Sense8’ Season 1, Episode 7 – W. W. N. Double D? | TV Review


What would Nancy Drew do? That is what the title ‘W. W. N. Double D?’ of this episode stands for. For those, like me, who were not born in the United States, Nancy Drew is a series of detective novels that started in the 1930s and is still going even to this day. She is also a feminist icon to some, a pioneer in the dark ages where it was considered normal for half the workforce to be unutilized, for their brains to whither on the vine.


Sexism is like a disease of the social mind, one born of fear of the other; that if you treat a woman as anything other a thing to be desired, you will be shunned by your social peers. It makes for depressing reading but just for a taste of this “privileged male psychosis”, I would recommend you peruse the “Everyday Sexism” Twitter page.


On a lighter note, this episode comes off as a sort-of spy thriller. Nomi (Jamie Clayton) and Amanita (Freema Agyeman) hunt down the doctor that was going to perform the procedure (lobotomy) on Nomi, and through a series of jargon and miniature satellite dishes, they find out where he lives. It goes all pear-shaped however when the doctor comes home, with them still inside.


After a heated discussion, aided with mace, they find some “answers” and even more questions. Then things get even more pear-shaped (even if it is a little hard to visualize) when the lobotomized man they met at a mental hospital comes in with a gun. Two deaths later, one just a random stranger, he turns the gun on himself. Only for the reflection in the mirror to be the man we saw in the first episode. Jonas (Naveen Andrews) calls him “Whispers”. This was a fun episode to watch in many respects. People just died like flies in this one. And if you like watching a man’s hands being chopped off then this is the episode for you. Not me though, I have a weak stomach for such things!



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