Seth Rogen & David F. Sandberg To Adapt Sci-Fi Comic ‘Fear Agent’ For Amazon | TV News


Outside of his movie stardom, Seth Rogen has developed a fascinating side career developing projects on the smaller screen. He and longtime collaborator Evan Goldberg‘s Preacher series just concluded, and the duo are also working on Future Man on Hulu and The Boys on Amazon. But Rogen isn’t done there; he’s got another comic book adaptation in the works.


Rogen and David F. Sandberg (Shazam!) are developing Rick Remender‘s dark comic book Fear Agent for Amazon. The comic is an unorthodox sci-fi series revolving around Heathrow Huston, a charismatic, rugged, and very alcoholic Texan spaceman. A “fear agent”. Remender’s comics send him on all kinds of wacky adventures, which combine humour, horror, and campy pop-art shenanigans.


It’s a tricky mix of tones to balance, but Amazon is so confident in the project and the team Rogen has assembled that they outbid other networks/streaming platforms including TNT, HBO Max, and Peacock for the series.


Sandberg will direct the pilot and produce the series. Mattson Tomlin – who most recently co-wrote the upcoming The Batman – is also part of the creative team, as is Matt Tolmach, who’s reportedly been invested in adapting Fear Agent for a decade and is currently in post-production on the Sony vampire movie, Morbius.


Adapting a comic book that’s got such a singular voice can be a tricky proposition, but Rogen has done a good job with other comic book adaptations in the past, and the crew he’s assembled is an impressive one. Fear Agent sounds like it’s unique enough to stand out amidst a never-ending glut of TV content. We’ll wait and see how it comes together.



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