‘Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No!’ Ratings Down From ‘Sharknado 2’ | Film News


Third time may not exactly be the charm for Syfy’s latest offering of Sharknado. Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No! premiered in the US on Wednesday night (July 22), with a reported average of 2.8 million viewers; down from part two’s 3.9 million, but still more than part one’s 1.9 million average. It has also been announced that there will definitely be a fourth part of the shark infested tornado franchise, with more information to come in due course.


**Look away now, as spoilers are coming** Fans are also expected to play a part in the next film, as the fate of character April (Tara Reid), who is last seen at the end of Oh Hell No!, with a piece of space shuttle hurtling towards her, will be decided by them. The film ends with on-screen captions that read; “You decide if #AprilLives or #AprilDies“, and a voice-over that informs us that the outcome of the Twitter vote and April’s ultimate fate will be decided in the fourth instalment of the franchise.


Hmm, poor Tara Reid, I mean this film is giving her some glory and a chance to dust of her acting rags, but then again after watching the first two (yes I did and what, can a girl not have a few guilty pleasures?), I could do without her, so I may just have to tweet a few #AprilDies.



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