‘Sherlock’ Christmas Special Will Be Set In Victorian London | TV News


With Sherlock fans getting serious Benedict Cumberbatch withdrawal symptoms since the end of season three, Stephen Moffat has thrown them a bone by releasing a couple of cheeky details regarding this year’s Christmas special. According to Moffat, Sherlock and his Watson, played by the brilliant Martin Freeman, will be heading to Victorian London for the one off festive special!


With Sherlock’s first three series set very much in the present day, Moffat confirmed that the Christmas special will act as a complete one-off for the famous characters. Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Moffat had this to say; “The special is its own thing. We wanted to do this, but it had to be a special, it had to be separate entity on its own. It’s kind of in its own little bubble”. He went on to confirm that season four would revert back to its old ways, picking up on where season three left off.


Despite it being March and the festive feeling having left me long ago, I’m actually seriously excited for this year’s Christmas special. I was late to the Sherlock party and got super obsessed really quickly, so any news on new footage is good news in my eyes! While no official dates have been set, it’s likely that Moffat will plan for the special to show slap bang in the middle of Christmas, with the fourth season likely to air the following January. So.Long.To.Wait.


Source: Games Radar 



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