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Ever been so in love with the way you look that you decided to sit and watch yourself for 72 hours? Well me too! And Shia LeBouef is doing it now as well, so maybe we should all grab a beer some time and just look at ourselves! That’s right – Shia LaBeouf’s spiral into being one of Hollywood’s wackiest, yet strangely compelling leading men continues this week, as he embarks on a project to watch every single one of his films consecutively, in reverse order over the next three days, 24 hours a day. And he’s live-streaming his reactions the entire time.


Personally I couldn’t think of much worse than watching myself for for 3 straight days, but Shia and I don’t really seem to be cut from the same cloth. For a start, he’s a multi-millionaire actor, and has scored Megan Fox, so… point 1 to LeBeouf. But this, his latest act in a string of really off-beat activities, is up there with the best of them. Remember his #IAMSORRY art installation last year? No? Well basically, he invited anyone and everyone to sit in an empty room with him, and to say or do to him anything they wanted. Very weird.


Or how about when he did 144 laps of that museum in Amsterdam, in the punchiest trousers since The Prince Regent’s in Blackadder the Third… There’s no two ways about it, SLB’s gone a little off the deep end in recent times. And who knows? Maybe it’ll all just turn out to be a Joaquin Phoenix-style fake out, but for now, let’s all just bask in quite how far the ex-Transformers star is willing to push this. And let’s just hope that he snuck a couple episodes of Even Stevens in that 72-hour playlist. ‘Cause 11 year old me loved that show.



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