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Going back to at least 2009, the Uncharted movie has been in development and not seen much progress. The film has had three directors pulling out of the project from David O. Russel to Neil Burger and most recently Seth Gordon with Gordon citing “new creative direction” for his exit, yet Sony Pictures were confident enough to give it a release date for June 30, 2017.


The video game series of Uncharted is a popular action/adventure shooter on the PlayStation platforms where you play as Nathan Drake a treasure hunter/jewel smuggler going across the world on artifact hunting escapades similar to Indiana Jones. With a premise like that, you would think the film adaptation would have been made by now, but according to the producer of Atlas Entertainment Charles Roven, the release should be soon.


Charles even went into detail about casting for the film, mainly talking about the difficulties of the casting process: “There’s the studio, they’re a factor. There’s the director, of which we don’t have one at the moment—that individual will be a factor. And of course the producers have a say. In this particular case [Avi and Ari Arad] are producing together with Atlas and that’s a partnership, so we all have a vote. But we’re really not ready to cast that vote yet until we’re ready to actually cast, and that’s not happened yet”.


The prospect of an Uncharted movie isn’t something I’ll lose sleep over and even if the producers want you to think the film will happen doesn’t mean it will. If you did play the video-games then you might agree that the adaptation would work since the games are about half a movie anyway, as a bit of inoffensive popcorn fluff it could work just fine.



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