SHINee – Our Page | Music Video


Famous K-Pop boy band SHINee, composed of Choi Min-ho, Lee Tae-min, Key and Onewhave, have released the nostalgic music video for their third single “Our Page” from their sixth studio album The Story Of Light.


“Our Page” is nostalgic and sad R&B track with an electric piano melody. It talks about their emotions for late member Jonghyun who passed away last year. The song is the lead single for the third and last part of their sixth album that includes “Tonight“, “Retro“, “I Say“, and a special track “Lock You Down” when Jonghyun sings.


In the music video, the members are ultimately very solemn and it is reflected in different scenes like composing, dancing and more. Finally, they conclude the music video on a special stage with 5 microphones making a tribute of their ex-leader.




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