Shivani Day Explores Self-Worth And Closure On New Single ‘Blue Car’

Leicester-born artist Shivani Day, now based in London, has released her latest single, “Blue Car” through FAMM. Diving into themes of self-worth and closure, the track provides a glimpse into Shivani’s introspective world.

From a young age, Shivani has exhibited a strong sense of independence and introspection. Her father’s eclectic taste in music, encompassing genres like Chicago House, Latin, Jazz, Euro Electronic, Reggae, and Gregorian chant, greatly influenced her broad and unconventional musical palette.

While studying International Relations at university, she taught herself to DJ, performing numerous sets across the UK, including a notable Boiler Room set in Nottingham. This period marked a decisive step toward her musical aspirations.

Co-produced by Shivani and 23Sunz (known for their work with BXKS and Joe James), the single features a rich, textured soundscape coupled with Shivani’s distinctive vocals.

Shivani reflects on the creation of “Blue Car” which began as a freestyle in 2022 and explains, “I started working on ‘Blue Car’ in 2022. Initially, it was a freestyle that allowed me to express a stream of emotions.

Using my voice as an instrument, I was able to shape the final sound in an abstract manner. The combination of creating it in the summer with the darkness of the beat and lyrics resulted in a beautiful contrast. It was crucial to let the track breathe and allow the production its own space.

The video, directed by Jay Green draws inspiration from the film TRON, employing an ice-blue palette to create a visually striking, cinematic experience.

Moreover, her ethereal sound invites listeners on a transcendent journey through her diverse influences, which include Sade, Aaliyah, Massive Attack, Nelly Furtado, Lana Del Rey, and Grace Jones.

Take a look at the visuals for “Blue Car” right here!


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