Sibling Duo The Key Makers Unveil New Track ‘Suffer’

The Keymakers — one of the most intriguing musicians you may not have heard of — make a comeback with the release of their brand-new song “Suffer” and the related music video for the new release.

The first of several albums set for release in 2023, “Suffer” is entirely self-produced and self-written by The Keymakers, who also filmed and edited the music video.

Their previous albums were dancefloor-ready, but “Suffer” is a departure because it sounds like retro, hardware synth-driven electro from the 1990s while also being dripping with soul and funk. The track has a dark side to it while having an extremely playful side with saxophone touch in the instrumentation. The new release is a perfect blend of everything with experimental tunes to engage the audience.

The Keymakers return from a period of intense creativity after a 2022 hiatus from official releases ready to fulfil the promise of their prior offerings.

Meet Rome and Red‘s musical collaboration, The Keymakers. They have created a distinctive style of soulful electronic music by drawing on a variety of influences, life lessons, and musical experiences.

Their performance style, which incorporates DJing and mixing, live instrumentation, sampling, drumming, and vocals, is driven by the combination of Red’s prior experiences as a DJ and Rome’s prior experiences as a saxophonist and R&B singer.

Speaking on the inspiration behind the song, they say, “The writing came to us quickly, so we dug into that and let it inform how we delivered every other element of the song especially leaning into the hardware synths we’ve been getting to know over the last year.

We went somewhere with this song we’ve never gone before and it speaks to the way we’ve always wanted to be as artists: exploring new soundscapes and keeping our listeners excited

Their top priority is making sure the audience and listener have an elevated, euphoric, and memorable experience with each performance and each original release.

The Keymakers are prepared to perform on larger stages this year thanks to their impressive slate of releases since the start of 2021. They are definetly in the watch out list in 2023!

Listen and enjoy the new release “Suffer” by The Keymakers below!


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