Simian Ghost – Climb The Walls | New Music


Simian Ghost have just released their debut single “Climb The Walls” from the band’s self-titled new album out on September 29.


“Climb The Walls” is a very poppy and funny 8 minute track. The melody of the song is joyful and cheerful and the arrangement is rich and interesting. The many instrumental parts are all right and make the song unique.


The new album will be the first to contain some studio-recorded materials. The band’s first album (not complete) titled The Veil was recorded at home with minimal equipment and resources. Speaking about the new album the band said: “We’re just a bunch of guys doing stuff at home really, so in many ways this feels like our debut album all over again. And this time we’re ready.”


Discover the unique style of Simian Ghost listening to their debut single “Climb The Walls” below:




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