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Star Trek Beyond


As well as being the third entry in the rebooted series begun by J.J. Abrams in 2009, Star Trek Beyond also marks the 50th Anniversary of Star Trek; a franchise that has been championed across all its generations. In the spirit of this, director Justin Lin and co-writer/star Simon Pegg claim that Star Trek Beyond will homing in on the very factors that make Star Trek special.


In this entry, we shall once again be following the adventures of the Enterprise and her crew. Still led by Captain Kirk (Chris Pine) but kept out of disaster by the ever-logical Commander Spock (Zachary Quinto), the crew are continuing their mission to explore the final frontier.


Stopping at a Federation outpost for a little rest and relaxation, they are thrown into danger when a blue-faced alien that sounds suspiciously like Idris Elba unleashes a wave of violence upon them.


Pegg, who plays beloved Scot engineer ‘Scotty’, also wrote the screenplay alongside Doug Jong. When speaking about the situation in which the crew of the Enterprise find themselves, he explains that he is trying to find an answer to the very drive of Star Trek: “What’s the point of it all? We’re gathering a great community within the galaxy, but to what end? What does it all mean?


Justin Lin, best known for directing films for the Fast & Furious franchise, is also taking an equally inquisitorial position to Star Trek Beyond, stating: “This is the 50th anniversary, I felt like it was important to really deconstruct the idea of Star Trek, the idea of the Federation and why it’s special. We’ll really be poking at a lot of different things.


The footage of Star Trek Beyond has received a mixed reaction from fans, with some remaining wary of the added action and some embracing it. In any case, all will be revealed when Star Trek Beyond warps into cinemas July 22. Check out the trailer below.




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