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When does a fad become a trend, and when does a trend become the norm? When we got one or two film-to-TV adaptations, no one really noticed and perhaps thought it was a brief fad. Suddenly, despite living in the world of ‘Peak TV’, TV adaptations of popular films are everywhere. Here’s another one.


Sin City is set to be adapted into a TV series. Now, to be fair, this has been on the table since around 2013 when The Weinstein company attempted to make multiple series based on their own catalogue of films, so maybe they’re the ones to blame for this whole trend. Scream is heading into its third season, while The Mist is set to debut later this year. As for Sin City:


“The intention is to be a far departure from the films, introducing original characters and timelines within the Sin City universe”. The show will reportedly take more influence from the comic book series rather than the film adaptation, which makes the series easier to stomach and arguably a little more worthy of everyone’s time since it doesn’t sound like it’s set to be a simple rehash of the movie.


The team behind the adaptation are The Walking Dead showrunner Glen Mazarra, Sin City: A Dame To Kill For producer Stephen L’Heureux and Underworld director Les Wiseman, who will direct the pilot. Bob and Harvey Weinstein will produce.


Currently, no network is set for the series and there is no timeline for it to be on the air. This gives everyone plenty of time to mould this thing into something interesting.


Out of all the film-to-TV adaptations, this is arguably one that makes the most sense since there is plenty more to explore within Sin City that the film wasn’t able to. While this is technically a film-to-TV adaptation, perhaps we can cut it some slack if it deviates from the film and explores Frank Miller‘s celebrated comic books in more detail.



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