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Sinead O’Connor has taken to Facebook to explain why she has cancelled all of her upcoming summer tour dates. Previous speculations suggested that the tour was cancelled due to O’Connor’s illness but this was just the tip of the iceberg. Written in a post the singer explains: “My child has been suffering with a life-threatening medical condition since early March 2015. It is the type of condition my child will definitely survive, if correct care is taken and is supervised by myself. Otherwise there is no guarantee“.


Her Facebook post continued, stating, “needless to say, this has been and remains a severe family crisis. Like any mother, I have been up all day and night every day and night since I found out my child is suffering. Studying and learning all I can so that I might help not only the suffering child, but those of my other children who are naturally affected by the situation“.


O’Connor’s doctor told the Irish singer not to work until her son was fully recovered as the situation she is in has had an enormous impact on her own “chronic gynaecological problems“. “Since I am no longer physically or mentally or emotionally capable of focusing on anything but my child’s recovery, and on the massive changes in our lives which are now necessary for me to make in order to maintain the wellbeing of all my children, I have also been separately instructed by my own doctor, not to work“, she continued.


O’Connor has made it clear she is nervous about taking time out from work due to the financial instability that the music industry provides. “You only make money in the music business if you don’t rip up pictures of popes,” she wrote. “They don’t play you on the radio where it matters, when you’re a punk and not a pop star. What I’m trying to say is, I wouldn’t have cancelled shows, thereby placing myself and my children and grandchild, and possibly some other people at enormous financial risk and loss, if not for the fact that my child might have lost his life if I did not obey the doctor’s orders”. We wish that her son and herself make a speedy and full recovery.



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