The Vicious Brothers To Direct Horror Flick ‘Temple’ | Film News


Colin Minihan and Simon Ortiz, otherwise known as the creators of Grave Encounters’ The Vicious Brothers, are in the initial stages of their next cinematic venture – Temple. The film will come from a script written by Simon Barrett, most notably known for writing the script for Adam Wingards’ 2014 film The Guest. Temple will be shot in Japan, and follows the story of a Japanese ghost story in a fictitious religious location in the country.


In addition to the film, a tie-in of outside media will be included in the form of a book, which will be written by Eiji Otsuka containing ghost stories of real-life temples – which will be featured in the film and released afterwards. Toei Animation will also create a 15-part anime series based on this book. Temple is due to start filming this year.



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