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Singer-Songwriter and producer Anna Straker has published her new single “London Knows”. The song and the accompanied music video tell a very personal and dark story, Anna has to deal with.


Her sound is usally a wild mix of Alternative, Dance and Electronic Pop. Anna is an artist who does whatever she wants to do. “I love fashion, and mixing that with the stereotypically ‘masculine’ thing of being a producer” she says.


Her latest project “London Knows” is different from everything she has done so far. She said writing the song helped her coping with a traumatic experience she made. “Last year, I was a victim of a sexual assault whilst on holiday in Bangkok. What started as a fun night out ended up with me being lost for hours, drugged with something so strong that I forgot my own name” Anna states out.


When she returned to London, she felt unfamiliar and uncomfortable for a long time. “London Knows” deals with healing and the hope to return back to normal life. ”I hope you listen to this song and remember that whatever the world throws at you, you can be whole again, you can recover, and you can heal“ Anna says.


“London Knows” is a calm and melancholic song with impressive vocals. In the accompanied video Anna cries while walking through the grey streets of London with blurred make up. She looks like someone who is walking home from a party in the morning. This reinforces the impression that the traumatic experience is still stressful for Anna.


Watch the video for “London Knows” below:




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