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British singer-songwriter Jaelee Small has just unveiled a brand-new song called “In My Room”. It’s the lead track taken from her latest EP Memoirs (Part iii), released on November 6.


The song was produced by multi-instrumentist Joe Rodwell, who has played the trumpet alongside the singer in various projects. He also plays horns in the track, which additionally features Azz on piano and Tanera Dawkins on cello.


Speaking about the track, Jaelee Small states: “the song is a look back into my past, a reflection on childhood emotions and an attempt to reconcile with my past, as I to try to learn to let go and reach some balance in the present, to find myself a safe place to play. I wanted to write something that evokes the playfulness of childhood so the melody and arrangement have a very nursery rhyme feel to them I think”.


Jaelee’s newest piece is a five-track EP filled with vocal harmonies and orchestral arrangements that are dear to the artist. It was produced and arranged by Joe Rodwell.


This EP is a collection of songs pulled from Jaelee’s past, with melodies that evoke fairy tales and childhood nursery rhymes. On this release, she continues to create a sound very much her own. The expansive vocal harmonies and engaging orchestral arrangements heard in her debut are still present, but this is a more stripped back and reflective release.


This project explores questions of identity, and approaches the themes of addiction and mental health.


We’ll let you listen to “In My Room” below:




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