SM Entertainment To Open An International Arts School | Arts


Some of the larger entertainment agencies in South Korea are moving to expand their companies into broader horizons. SM Entertainment, one of the famous “Big 3” companies and home to global artists EXO, Girls’ Generation, Red Velvet and TVXQ, is one such example.


The company made headlines earlier today when they announced they would be opening an alternative high school, called K-Pop International School. Typical school topics like Korean, English and mathematics will be taught, but other subjects like music, ballet and more, will also be offered at the school to help students become celebrities.


As an actual school, students will be prepared for both Korean middle and high school qualifications exams and American certifications. The school aims to encourage diversity by setting student nationality quotas to 70% foreign students and 30% Korean students.


The school is set to open in the coming September, with 50-100 students making up the first ever generation of first year students!



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