Sofia Coppola To Reunite With Bill Murray For ‘On The Rocks’ | Film News

Director Sofia Coppola and Bill Murray, having worked together on 2003’s modern classic Lost In Translation as well as 2017’s holiday-themed A Very Murray Christmas, are set to reunite for a new film project titled On The Rocks.


The film will revolve around a young mother who reconnects with her larger-than-life playboy father on an adventure through New York. Rashida Jones (Parks And Recreation) will star alongside Murray.


The film will be the first in A24 and Apple’s new partnership, which they announced late last year. The studio will produce certain films specifically for Apple services, and the tech giant likely saw that Coppola’s films often fit the kind of demographic they are also targeting.


Coppola has worked with A24 before on the satirical true story The Bling Ring. With the partnership with Apple, it’s unclear if that means On The Rocks will not get a theatrical release, as the details between the partnership have not yet been made public.


It’s likely the Apple want the sort of release Netflix has perfected over the years when they eventually launch their streaming platform, so it’s hard to imagine them being happy with a cinematic release. A24 will still release films outside of the partnership, so it probably doesn’t hurt them to have a few release exclusively on Apple services.


We’ll wait for more news regarding both the film and the partnership. But any time a new Coppola film is in the works is a time to rejoice.



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