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The Los Angeles born singer-songwriter Sofia Wolfson has just released the new track, “Party Favours”.


Combining bold, upbeat guitar work with slightly more delicate vocals, Sofia creates a fresh sound that stems from a core of vintage tones.


There is a soft, pure tenor to Sofia’s voice, not unlike that of Laura Marling, which comes through most compellingly in the verses, while the catchy chorus showcases her ability to deliver upbeat, chiming riffs.


You can listen to “Party Favours” here:



Sofia Wolfson names Blake Mills, Wilco, Big Thief, and Fiona Apple as some of her musical influences, noting how she grew up with classics like Joni Mitchell, The Band and the Beatles before developing a taste for guitar and song-writing centred music.


Presently, Wolfson finds herself more drawn to artists like Caroline Polachek, Aldous Harding, Alex G, and Hand Habits for inspiration.


Sofia released her first full-length record, “Hunker Down“, when she was just 16, and her later EP “Side Effects” was produced by Marshall Vore (Ryan Adams, Phoebe Bridgers, Korey Dane) at Vore’s home studio in Pasadena.


The three-track release, which includes “Snake Eyes”, “Write It Down”, and “Capsule”, is brought to life by musicians like Lee Pardini (Dawes), Jason Boesel (Rilo Kiley), and Dylan Day (Corey Harper, Korey Dane).


Wolfson will be playing at the Five Day Forecast music festival on January 15 at London’s Lexington. Playing alongside her will be Frances Quinlan, Katy J Pearson, and Harrison Whitford.



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