Soho’s Venue Madame Jojo To Reopen | Music News



In November 2014 Soho nightclub Madame Jojo, hosted artists such as Adele, The xx, The Klaxons, and Lorde, was closed and its license was revoked following “serious disorders”.


Today, it appears that the venue will reopen and, according to managing director of Soho Estates John Jamesit will get a “bigger and better basement club which is going to reappear as Madame Jojo’s”.


Earlier this week (February 18) the manager told London Live that the reopened venue “won’t be the sad Madame Jojo’s, nostalgically romantic Madame Jojo’s, a success of six or seven years ago. It will be a new thing”.


He then added: “What Soho’s brilliant at is reinventing itself and it constantly does – it’s reinvented by young, enterprising people with ideas and creativity”.



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